long long honeymoon

Long Long Honeymoon

Who says a honeymoon has to end? Married couple Sean and Kristy Michael have been on their honeymoon since they bought their RV in 2007. You can follow along with their adventure on their website, Long Long Honeymoon.

Who They Are

This blog began in 2007, after husband and wife team Sean and Kristy Michael got married. Sean is a filmmaker and writer and uses his artistic expertise to maintain their travel blog, Long Long Honeymoon. After their marriage, Kristy chose to leave her job so that this duo could travel full-time.

You can also find the videos Sean makes about their travels on the Long Long Honeymoon YouTube Channel, and watch him put his expertise as a filmmaker to work.

Sean has also written books about their travels, which are available through Amazon.

What Makes Them Stand Out

One of the first things you’ll notice as you browse Sean and Kristy’s blog is how knowledgeable they are about life on the road. And it makes sense—they’ve been doing this a long time!
long long honeymoon's trailer
Their blog is full of helpful tips and tricks for RVer of any level. Whether you’re trying to ward off rodents and keep mice out of your RV, or you’re searching for the best travel gear, Sean and Kristy have the expertise to help you make the best decision.

Where They Have Been

Even before they were married, Sean and Kristy were Travelers. Sean has traveled around the world, including countries like Poland and Guatemala.

Once they were married in the Florida Keys, however, they opted not to “settle down” as many other married couples do. Instead, they began traveling in their 25-foot Airstream trailer. Since beginning on the honeymoon that gave their blog its name, they have traveled over 100,000 miles and explored 49 States.

What They Talk About

Sean and Kristy write about all aspects of RVing. They offer advice on upgrading your RV, ways to keep it safe from both people and animals, and product reviews.

As any good travel blog should, of course, they also write about their travels. You’ll find posts detailing the various locations they’ve been to, and offer plenty of inspiration for your own travels.

Most of their posts also include videos. If you’re more of a visual person, this will be helpful, especially when it comes to their tips, tricks, and RVing lifehacks.

Favorite Videos

For Newbies: 6 RV Hacks

This is a great post to start with if you’re new to RVing. And even if you’re a seasoned traveler, you might still find some useful tricks that you might not have considered!

Sean explains in his post that the hacks he’s offering might seem small, but even so, they can improve life on the road greatly. Things, like adding hooks to the walls of your RV for easier storage, getting the right type of showerhead, and purchasing puck LED lights for better lighting, are changes that probably seem obvious, but that many people new to RVing may not have thought about before!

So before you head out in your RV, read Sean’s post and watch his video for some helpful hacks.


It’s what every homeowner dreads, whether you’re in a mobile home or a house. Mice coming into your home makes you feel dirty and gross, and unfortunately, your RV is no exception.

Luckily, Sean and Kristy have dealt with mice in their RV before. In this post, they go over the signs you might have mice taking advantage of your warm RV, as well as some of the best mouse traps.

They also recommend products for keeping mice from venturing into your home again!

Where to Find Them

You can find Sean and Kristy and join them on their Long Long Honeymoon journey on YouTube, where they have 221K subscribers. You might want to also give them a like along with 37,436 others on their Facebook page.

Sean and Kristy also have their own individual Twitter pages. Find Sean with his handle @walkaboutsean and join his 1,349 followers, and Kristy with her handle @walkaboutKristy where she has 614 followers.

All photos were taken from Long Long Honeymoon’s YouTube series.

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