Full of both travel inspiration and genuine advice for living on the road, Interstellar Orchard is a website for RVers who like to dream while keeping their feet on the ground.

Who is Interstellar Orchard?

Interstellar Orchard is run by Becky Schade, who first left for a nomadic lifestyle in 2012. Becky lives out of her 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Club cab truck, lovingly named Bertha, paired with her 2018 5X8 Hiker Highway Deluxe.

When you explore Becky’s website, you’ll find someone truly passionate about travel, nature, and exploration. She gave up the normal 9 to 5 grind to live her dream of traveling full-time. And, as you explore her blog, she’ll teach you how to do the same—and do it independently and on a budget.

What Makes Her Stand Out

Interstellar Orchard is a truly magical place. Visiting Becky’s website, you’ll find yourself easily inspired to go off on your own adventure, whatever that adventure may be.

But more than just inspiration, Becky offers real-world advice. Living a fully nomadic lifestyle sounds romantic and exciting, but there are still responsibilities you have to take care of! Luckily, Becky and her blog are here to help aspiring nomads live the same kind of life she does.

Becky stands out because she offers a healthy mix of both inspiration and useful advice. Plus, she does all of it using her unique voice which is engaging and easy to follow.

Where She Has Been

Becky mainly travels within the US and has been all over the country. You can take a look at her Adventures page to see her yearly recaps of all the places she’s been to.

Of course, Becky has also traveled outside of the US. In 2020, she traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer at a wildlife refuge and remained in the country until she was able to fly back to the United States.

What She Writes About

Becky posts primarily about her travels. When you visit her blog, you’ll find posts about her visits to various nature sites, camping experiences, and pictures of the incredible views she comes across.

But that’s not all you’ll find here. Becky also writes about the day-to-day life of an RVer. Visiting her Start Here page, you’ll find tips and tricks for successfully living a nomadic life. She has advice for people who haven’t hit the road yet, like how to choose the right RV, how to travel in extreme weather, and how to find the best campgrounds.

Becky also offers financial advice for RVers, how to start and maintain and successful travel blog, and information on what she calls “deliberate living.”

Favorite Blog Posts

Link: Comparing Work Options for RVers

Many people aspire to start RVing as a post-retirement option. That way, they can use their retirement savings to travel full-time.

But you don’t have to wait until you’re retiring to start living your nomadic dreams. It’s completely possible to make money while you’re on the road!

In this blog post, Becky goes over everything you need to know about finding work on the road. She outlines the different types of work you can do while you’re RVing, and gives you a pros and cons list for every option.

She also lays out her own work history, so you can get an idea of what to expect for your own journey.

Link: Top 10 Things to Know About Full-Timing

In this blog post, Becky will tell you exactly what you need to know if you’re thinking about traveling full-time. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you head out in your RV.

Becky recommends that before you get into your RV, you start by doing your research, and have a plan before you go. She also encourages you to get to know yourself, what you want, and why you’re doing this.

Becky has advice for once you get on the road, too. Remembering to stay flexible, striking a balance between work and play, and learning how to deal with all the problems that will arise during your travels are crucial.

Where to Find Her

You can follow Interstellar Orchard by joining the other 2,833 people who have liked Becky’s Facebook page.

Consider joining Becky’s 5.25K subscribers on her YouTube channel to keep up with the videos of her travels.

You can also connect with her on Instagram, where she has 1,870 followers.

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