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Back Roads and Other Stories

Back Roads and Other Stories is a blog owned and run by couple Tony and Margie. These RVers record their adventures, thoughts, and photographs with their readers as they travel in their campervan.

Who They Are

Husband-wife duo Tony and Margie began RV-ing in 2018. Although not yet retired, this couple does plan on retiring soon so that they can commit to a more full-time RVing schedule.

They travel out of their Class B Carado Banff Campervan. It’s easy to see their passion for travel and adventure as you read through their blog. You’ll also find their respective expertise come through, as Margie is a former archaeologist and Tony is a contractor and carpenter.

They commit their blog to documenting their adventures, whether they’re taking long trips or short ones, and invite their readers to come with them, if only in spirit.

What Makes Them Stand Out

Back Roads and Other Stories is a delightful blog to read for a few reasons. Tony and Margie tend to focus on the small things on their trips and find things of interest in every part of their adventures.

Margie especially uses her history as an archaeologist to write about her discoveries on every trip. She has a keen eye for the unusual and does her part to research whatever she finds so she can report it thoroughly.

Their “one photo at a time” series also adds a unique element to the blog. Instead of a long, multi-picture post, Margie and Tony include one photograph from an adventure and write about it. It’s a great way to keep up reader interest without getting too bogged down in the details.

Where They Have Been

Tony and Margie RV mainly around the United States, though they have visited some parts of Canada. Their blog posts feature pictures they’d taken anywhere from California to Ontario to Georgia.

You’ll find pictures and posts on their blog from stops across the US, be it beaches, mountains, or small towns.

What They Write About

Visiting Back Roads and Other Stories, you’ll find posts on all sorts of topics. Margie and Tony mostly blog about sights they have seen, most of them natural. Browsing through their posts, their “one photo at a time” series showcases photos of wildlife, plant life, and other fun discoveries they make along the way.

Margie’s archaeological eye also allows her to pick up on things that might otherwise be missed. She has a knack for finding unusual things, and more importantly, for finding out what exactly those unusual things are.

Aside from that, blog posts on Back Roads and Other Stories involve tips and tricks for living on the road, DIYs courtesy of Tony’s carpentry history, and general musings about life.

Favorite Blog Posts

Nurdles on the Beach

This is one post that perfectly showcases Margie’s curiosity. The post details a trip to Port Elgin beach in Oregon, during which Tony and Margie found small bits of plastic in the sand. After searching Google, they found the plastic to be something called “nurdles,” which are little plastic pellets. These pellets frequently end up on beaches like the one in Port Elgin.

This post also shows Tony and Margie’s love of nature, as they further instruct readers to keep an eye out for nurdles on their travels and make an effort to throw them away and keep them out of the stomachs of wildlife.

Pancake Bay – Edmund Fitzgerald Lookout

This fun post outlines a trip to Pancake Bay. You can follow along with their journey by reading this post, which goes over their hike from start to finish.

They also included several photographs of their adventure. Scrolling through, you’ll be treated to the beautiful greens and browns of the forest they trekked through. And don’t worry, they also explain the history behind the area—there’s always something to learn from Tony and Margie!

Where to Find Them

You can find Margie and Tony on the usual social media websites, including Facebook where they have 275 likes.

You can also join their 151 followers on Instagram and keep up with the pictures from their travels. They’re on Twitter as well, so be sure to give them a follow so that you and their 151 other follows can stay up to date on their latest adventures.

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