watson wandersFull of beautiful pictures and travel inspiration, Watsons Wander is a great place to go to get inspired. Husband and wife team Tim and Amanda Watson set out to travel full-time in 2012, and since then have journeyed across the United States.

Who Are Watsons Wanders?

Watson Wander is run by Tim and Amanda Watson. This husband and wife team had dreamt of living life on the road, being able to travel freely while still making a living. In 2012, after they sold their house and spent years getting rid of possessions, they were able to climb into their 1998 Airstream and start living their dream. Tim Watson is a web developer and connoisseur of all things handy. Amanda Watson runs the blog, enjoys cooking, and also practices embroidery. Both of them love adventure, scenic views, and their ability to travel full-time.

What Makes Them Stand Out

Look at any of Amanda’s blog posts, and one of the first things that will strike you is the photography. These two have an eye for the breathtaking, and consistently use their camera’s lens to capture the amazing views they come across. Watson Wanders’ blog is about more than learning about their adventures. It’s about experiencing the art of photography!
As you scroll through their blog posts, you’ll find yourself inspired to head out to the same locations they’ve been to, or to pick up your own camera and practice your photography skills.
watson wanders in a field

Where They Have Been

In the over 3,000 days Tim and Amanda have been on the road, they’ve been all over the United States. From the desert terrain in Arizona to the lakes and mountains of Utah, the Watsons have seen it all. They have a particular interest in national parks, and you can follow along with their adventures by visiting their national parks page in their travel journal. You might also want to check out their interactive infographic and watch their journey step by step!

What They Write About

Watsons use their blog as a way to document their travels. As you scroll through their website, you’ll find posts detailing their adventures, accompanied by pictures of their visits. They also detail their struggles in their posts. Traveling full-time isn’t all about hiking, mountain-climbing, and swimming in beautiful lakes! Sometimes life on the road is about searching for wi-fi so you can finish your day’s work.

You’ll also find plenty of information on the Watsons’ Airstream. They purchased their 1998 Airstream in 2011, and since then have made various upgrades and changes. If you’re curious to learn more about the history of the Watsons’ Airstream and all the upgrades they’ve made, check out their Airstream page in their travel journal.

Favorite Blog Posts

watson wanders dry tortugas

Link: Dry Tortugas National Park

This park, in Florida, is full of beautiful sights. In this blog post, Amanda details their journey out to the islands that make up Dry Tortugas National Park. This is one of those posts that will make you want to go to the places Tim and Amanda visit immediately. Amanda’s photography demonstrates the beauty of the park and the haunting emptiness of Fort Jefferson.

Dry Tortugas National Park is truly a one-of-a-kind place, and it just takes a glance at this blog post to see that. This is a great post to revisit if you’re looking for a little travel inspiration.

Link: My Airstream Kitchen—Park 1: Organization

Beautiful sights and incredible adventures aren’t the only things you’ll find on the Watsons’ blog. They also offer advice and how-tos for successful RV traveling. For people who are considering traveling in an RV, the idea of cooking in a tiny RV kitchen might seem unrealistic. Amanda, however, disagrees. In this post, Amanda outlines how she organizes her kitchen. She goes over all the components of her kitchen, her storage tips, and how she works in a kitchen so small.

This is a great post for anyone concerned about what cooking looks like on the road. Amanda shows you that making your own delicious meals even in a tiny kitchen is completely possible!

Where to Find Them

Keep up with Watsons Wander by following them on their social media! The Watsons are on Facebook, where they currently have 3,101 likes. You can also find Amanda on Instagram, where she has 2,292 followers.

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