Who are RV Miles?

Husband and wife team Abigail and Jason have traveled in their RV full-time since 2016, along with their three kids. Their website, RV Miles, is full of useful tips and tricks for everything RVing.

Who They Are

This website is founded and run by freelance writer Abigail Trabue. Her husband Jason Epperson co-runs the website and is the blog’s editor. You can find them and their 3 kids on RV Miles’ website, as well as their travel blog Our Wandering Family as they RV full time.

RV Miles offers visitors to this website RVing news, tips, and tricks, travel guides, and so much more. This website is the perfect place to visit for all things to do with RV and travel. Whether you’re a casual RVer, you travel full-time, or you’re considering taking the jump and living a fully nomadic lifestyle, RV Miles has everything you need to know before you go on your next venture.

What Makes Them Stand Out

What makes RV Miles unique is that Jason and Abigail cover everything under the sun. Their website functions primarily as a news site for RVers, and they keep travelers up to date on the latest warnings, safety news, and travel trends.

RV Miles also works on several podcasts. This includes their RV Miles Podcast, which airs weekly episodes about RV travel. You can also listen to their See America Podcast, where they cover American tourism and the best places to visit while you’re traveling.

Where They Have Been

The husband-wife team at RV Miles has been all over America. You can check out the “Road Trips” section of their blog to see just a few of the places they’ve visited. From Mississippi to Colorado to Utah, Abigail and Jason along with their 3 kids are always finding new things to explore.

Abigail and Jason have a particular interest in nature. You’ll find them aiming to visit national parks, but that doesn’t mean they want to miss out on cities and historical sites. You’ll find plenty of posts about the cities they visit too!

 What They Write About
RV Miles Podcast
RV Miles serves primarily as a place for RVers of all sorts to find news, as well as tips and tricks for a successful RV lifestyle. If you’re looking for industry news, their website is the place to go. On this part of RV Miles, you’ll find everything you need to know about the current state of RVing.

If you’re looking for RV-related travel updates, including closures and events, RV Miles also has a section for recreation news, as well as for travel news.

If you’re looking for some road-tripping tips, visit RV Miles’ Road Trips section. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know before you head out on your next drive.

They also have a section for people considering going RVing full-time. In this part of the site, they lay out a range of tips and tricks for you to live on the road full-time successfully. Some people might feel uncertain about cooking while on the road. RV Miles has a section for recipes and cooking too!

Favorite Blog Posts

Five Tips for Downsizing Your Life Before Getting on the Road

It’s obvious that even if you’re not planning on RVing full time, you still need to downsize before you go on any trip. When it comes to actually doing the downsizing, though, things might not be so obvious.

Cutting down on your material possessions can be complicated and difficult, and Abigail and Jason understand that. In this blog post, they go over their top 5 tips for downsizing your life. This includes getting started as soon as possible, choosing to keep items that you truly need, not just want, and making sure to mind your mental health during this complicated process.

If you’re planning on living on the road, whether it be short term or long term, this blog post should be one of your first stops.
rv miles winterizing your rv

5 Tips for Winterizing Your RV

If you’re planning on traveling during the winter, this is a post you’re going to want to read. Written by a guest contributor, it contains some helpful tips for making sure that your RV stays functional even as you drive in the winter.

Author Patrick Alicki’s tips include draining your plumbing, adding a fuel stabilizer, and making sure you don’t have any critters like mice making your RV a winter home.

Where to Find Them

You can find RV Miles on social media on Facebook, where they currently have 15,806 likes. Keep up with their posts and travels on Twitter and join their 2,010 followers on the platform. Or check out their Instagram page, where their follower count is sitting at 8,328 followers.

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